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What Everyone Runs From

For the week of 1/10/17

A list of possible characters and what they are running from:

  • Dawsonhis past (the loss of his parents; instead of building walls, he tries desperately to protect)
  • Cadence: her past (her father’s overbearing control, her mother’s unhappiness)
    • Needs more development
  • Nurse Ann: heartbreak (avoids relationships so she can’t get hurt)
    • Perhaps her story relates to Uncle Jerry’s; see below
  • Homeless Patient: handouts and family problems (his pride prevents him from accepting help in the hospital and from apologizing to his wife for a plethora of small problems)
    • Twist: he is willing to give up his comfortable lifestyle and live on the streets to avoid acknowledging he disappointed his wife
  • Runaway Patient: pain (physically, surgery and recovery; emotionally, feeling useless)
  • Cadence’s Father, Matthew Littlefailure (to provide for his family, to make his wife happy, to secure Cadence’s material well-being through a marriage to Harry)
  • Cadence’s Mother, Lindy Little: gender stereotypes (being a submissive homemaker, being a “victim”)
    • Submissive despite, or because of, her mother’s strong will?
    • Leads her to change over the course of the novel
  • Dawson’s Uncle, Jerry Evans: loneliness (loss of his closest relations and now Dawson)
    • Struggles with burnout as he overworks himself to avoid the loneliness at home
    • Perhaps causes Lindy’s change as she helps him cope
      • Could occur in the hospital to tie back to Dawson and Cadence
  • Cadence’s Neighbor, Harryhis geeky temperament ( marrying Cadence would cement his position as a normal citizen rather than goofy eccentric)

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