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Spewing Words

Today’s work day was shockingly productive! I got the next five pages of my story done in an hour and a half. I also feel like the plot is starting to go somewhere, and I’m getting a better feel for all of the characters involved. In short, I feel good about these pages! Obviously they will need a lot of work. The more I write, the more they will need, I’m sure. But it was an encouraging start!

It is very difficult to write about something that makes me gag to just think about. I’m very squeamish, and I’m assuming several people in my audience will be, too, so trying to write around a topic and still make it feel real is challenging. I’m sure that section will need to be reworked as time goes on.

I do think it’s funny that my rush of words on the page today rather parallels the homeless patient’s digestive plight within the story. To keep the metaphor going, I imagine they both will need a lot of cleaning up. Now that it happened, though, we can figure out what the problem and solution are. So I guess spewing is a good place to start.


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