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Interview with a Nurse

1). What has been your most memorable experience working in a hospital? 
(Feel free to include more than one.)

When I delivered a baby in the elevator at [a local hospital]. I hadn’t even graduated nursing school yet (I had a year to go). That was terrifying.
Working the ER at [a local hospital] and being the first shift to call in a Lifeforce air medical for a critical transport. I still get chill bumps when a helo lands or launches. There’s always tragedy on board, yet a little bit of hope too.

2). What is the interaction like between nurses and environmental services, dietary, or transport workers? 
Do the different groups mingle, or do the jobs keep everyone relatively separated? 
In the cases where workers do interact, does everyone usually get along?
Nurses respect everyone; they can’t work without a symbiotic relationship. However, they will ‘cut you’ if you’re not doing your job.

3). What is the most unique aspect of working in a hospital?
It never, ever stops. Constant activity, like a bee hive. The level of crazy has constantly increased over the past 30 years. 

4). Do people usually have a sense of pride in their work as they help others, or does that tend to vary from person to person?
In general, yes. Burnout in the first 5 years is widespread. People are ‘Called’ into healthcare, much like ministers are. The problem comes when they answer the call for money, rather than edification.

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