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Major Revision

My plan was to rewrite the majority of my story from scratch. I successfully did that for one section. I tried for three others, but only used parts of those to add to the original. I went through the story and made sure that all of Dawson’s sections reflected his desires. I marked all of the sections from Charlie’s point of view and deleted them. I tried to add some new sections with Cadence, but the more I wrote, the more Charlie disappeared.

Now, my story has no ending, Charlie has almost disappeared from the beginning of the story, and the link between Charlie’s problems and Cadence’s confusion is totally unclear. I know what I want to accomplish, but tonight that just doesn’t seem to be happening.

I am very thankful for my loved ones who tell me to stop working for the day when I get overly frustrated about projects I am working on. They remind me to take a step back and see that what I’m working on really isn’t as bad as I fear. I can fix it, so long as I get a little rest and save it for tomorrow.


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