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Review: “The Lullaby Monsters” by Cynthia Mackey

Upon embarking on my blogging journey, Cynthia Mackey became the first children’s author that I followed. She posted the most cheerful little pieces of encouragement for writers, and I just loved her content. Now, she’s publishing a book! I felt so excited when she reached out to me about The Lullaby Monsters. I couldn’t wait to read the intriguing book that occupied the center of her blog’s homepage.

The Lullaby Monsters

The Lullaby Monsters by Cynthia Mackey

The Lullaby Monsters is not Cynthia Mackey’s first rodeo. She published Katie Schaeffer Pancake Maker back in 2017, and you can sense that second-book-ease in her newest story. Cynthia describes The Lullaby Monsters as “a hybrid between an early chapter book and a picture book,” and that description perfectly sums up the style. While the vocabulary expands a bit for growing readers, Cynthia utilizes simple, easy to understand sentence structures. Plus, she often repeats sentences with the speaker or a word changed. That repetition gives early readers a rapid sense of accomplishment to keep them engaged.

Aside from Cynthia’s well-planned writing style, the interactions between the brother and sister had me smiling through the whole book. I love when kids confidently assert their strengths without any insecurity or arrogance, and Cynthia captures that exchange perfectly. The sentences may be simple, but they just felt true. Cynthia absolutely honored the innocent, simple confidence of children in her book.

In the spirit of honesty, I do want to note I got a teensy bit lost when the monsters actually appeared in the story. I wasn’t quite sure if the monsters were real or imaginary, or where exactly the monsters existed. That said, I think most of that came from Cynthia’s ability to keep the story simple and relatable for children. The darling illustrations certainly helped with understanding, as well. The styles of Cynthia and her illustrator, Paula Nasmith, compliment each other exceptionally well.

A Faithful Reading

While The Lullaby Monsters does not claim any relation to faith, I see plenty of areas where Christian parents could discuss faith based on the book. First and foremost, the main character, Kelsey, exudes genuine care and concern for her brother and the monsters. When Kelsey sees a need, she fills it without complaining. Her generosity of spirit is genuinely uplifting to read. Secondly, Kelsey’s brother, Thomas, excels in compassion. He quickly recognizes and commends Kelsey’s strengths. Even with the monsters, Thomas identifies when their feelings reflect his own, and he acknowledges their needs.

Congratulations, Cynthia!

Ultimately, I want to congratulate Cynthia on completing The Lullaby Monsters and seeing it to publication! The book releases on June 30, 2020. I highly encourage you to check out her blog as she counts down the final days to release! Let’s go show her some love and applause for her hard work on the adorable little book, The Lullaby Monsters!


4 thoughts on “Review: “The Lullaby Monsters” by Cynthia Mackey

  1. Thank you, Ashton! I really appreciate your review. I hope parents and children will enjoy the close relationship between Kelsey and Thomas and the monsters who love bed time stories. My book birthday is today and I’m giving a way a summer reading package for families. You can enter to win on my blog between June 30 and July 14, 2020.

    1. Happy Book Birthday! That’s awesome!

  2. A thoughtful and insightful review. I am looking forward to reading the book. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! I hope you enjoy the book!

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