Book Coaching

What are you doing with your God-given story?

There are so many different ways a writer could use support through the writing, revising, and publication process. Maybe you are like me and need accountability to get through the initial drafting process. Perhaps you have a finished first draft or completed a few revisions and aren’t sure where to go next. Then there’s the whole debate of attempting the traditional publishing route versus self-publishing! That’s where book coaching comes in.

I’m here in this process with you! I combine the analytical skills I learned in my writing degree with management experience and a dose of good old-fashioned research to help you proudly say, “I’m an author!” But just because I have fancy credentials doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with the blank page. I know how discouraging it feels when something in your story just doesn’t feel right. I’m here to help you push through those moments and get your book DONE!

God gave each of us our story for a reason. What will you do with yours?

First and foremost, please join our Facebook group! It’s a small, growing community of writers who seek excellence in their chosen genre because we believe that excellent writing honors God. We’d love to have you join us for weekly encouragement and writing prompts. We even have virtual writing events! Click here to become a part of our community.

Book Coaching Programs

8 Weeks to Your Early Reader Children’s Chapter Book

If you love the hilarious way kids think as much as I do, this program is for you! We devote eight weeks to getting a first draft of your children’s chapter book down on paper. During this book coaching program, you can count on encouragement to meet your goals and a partner to brainstorm ideas with. Each week you will submit a chapter of your book. At the end of the eight weeks, I’ll present you with feedback on all eight chapters so you can step into the revision process with a plan in place.

Recreation Revision

Whether rewriting your existing work fills your stomach with knots or you love reentering your story’s world time and time again, the Recreation Revision program helps you confidently approach your work to make it the best it can be. We’ll deep-dive into identifying your unique writing voice, developing realistic characters, and structuring an intriguing plot. The Recreation Revision book coaching program is entirely tailored to your book’s particular needs. We currently only coach fiction in the Christian, cozy mystery, and children’s chapter book realms.

Interested in one of our book coaching programs? Schedule an appointment in the side bar at the right for a free, 30 minute consulting call, no strings attached. I can also be contacted directly by email at