Hello, and welcome to my site! My name is Ashton E. Irby. I am an aspiring author from Tennessee and am currently building my writing and editing career. I enjoy fiction and creative nonfiction that engages with the Christian faith.Image 6-30-16 at 5.12 PM (2)

Some of my favorite books include the Mitford Series by Jan Karon and When We Were On Fire by Addie Zierman. I also love Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and Emma by Jane Austen.

My goal is and always will be to help people. When I was a middle school girl burying her nose in a book to avoid the awkward social interactions going on in the classroom around me, I decided that I would write books to provide an escape for people and give them hope. My mom spent those years attempting to pre-read everything in case there was something in it too strong for my young mind, but she couldn’t always keep up, and the real world isn’t a pretty place. So, I decided to write books that any age could read, but I still wanted to write well and honestly.

While I wait for that illusory publishing deal, I offer several services to utilize the skills and techniques I learned during my college studies and experiences in the work place. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Writing and a minor in Religion, and I have worked as an editor, communicator, and writing tutor. My passion is for writing projects that involve personal stories, and I love the challenge that comes with finding just the right word to express a lifetime of learning.

In addition to services, I blog here at www.aeiwrites.com. The site has been a long and fluid project. It started as a portfolio for my capstone writing course in college and a source of accountability for working with my peers in the class. Now, the blog has morphed into a mix of thoughts on faith, writing, and research. It also continues to serve as my portfolio, and I have expanded it to the include the service offerings mentioned above. 

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